5 Tricks to Help You Live A Wonderful Hostel Life in Kolkata

If you’re someone who’s been studying and is about to leave their home for the first time to live at a hostel – then welcome to this blog post. This post is going to be your Holy Grail to surviving hostel life in Kolkata. Adjusting to the hostel life, especially right after living under the protective wings of your parents, can be quite a shift in anyone’s life. But with a few simple-yet-vital tips (provided here), you should be good to go with nothing ailing you on the way.

  1. Be courteous towards the hostel guards, warden, and cook:
    It may seem obvious to many of us, but to the shy ones out there – please don’t step back from striking up a small conversation with the hostel guards, warden, cook, and the faculty. In your most testing hostel times, these are the people who are going to help you out. They can make things so much easier as well as ensure that you have good, long-lasting relations with everyone.
  2. Sharing is caring – for the most part:
    It’s a hard fact but a fact nonetheless – if you’re staying at a girls’ hostel in Silpara, you may end up facing situations wherein you’d be expected or straight up asked to share. Most hostelers are used to borrowing and sharing each other’s stuff, so you might as well be okay with it. Plus, it doesn’t end at that. The more you share, the more you’d be able to borrow when you need something urgently.
  3. But also know when to say NO:
    We all know that ‘sharing is caring’ and you should be a pleasant personality especially if you are staying at a hostel – but it shouldn’t come at the cost of you having to lose out on something that’s important to you or is a prized possession. Nothing should disturb your peace of mind or your savings. Be smart and know when to draw a boundary.
  4. Learn essential life skills:
    When you’re at a hostel in Kolkata, you’re away from most of the luxuries that a home provides you with. So, learn how to run basic errands so that you don’t end up spending a bomb every time you want dry and clean clothes or clean utensils. Practise washing your clothes and keep your surroundings clean & hygienic. You will be surprised to see how far these things will take you during your hostel life.
  5. Carry home-cooked food with you:
    Nothing can really replace the home-cooked, delicious meals made by your mother. So, at every chance you get to go home, pack yourself a huge bag of all the goodies that will make your hostel life even more wonderful. Although, if you forget or are unable to do so, you won’t have to worry about home-styled food if you’re staying at S L Dhanuka Girls’ Hostel in Kolkata since they maintain a modern kitchen and a dining hall, offering healthy and tasty meals to their hostelers. 

If you’re looking for a hostel in and around Kolkata, then check out S L Dhanuka Girls’ Hostel, which is located in Silpara. Equipped with various facilities along with enough importance given to time regulation to ensure the safety of its guests, S L Dhanuka also offers services like a shuttle service to the nearest metro station, a gym, a game room for recreation purposes, a study room along with two more separate rooms for additional quiet, full-service laundry, a well-stocked and course appropriate library, and many others to ensure a comfortable and convenient hostel stay for you.

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